Quality Assured

TPA Furniture (Brisbane) Pty Ltd’s Quality Assurance Programme is a clear demonstration of our dedication and commitment in providing the highest levels of furniture possible to our customers.

Businesses which display the Quality Assured logo can only do so after completing a series of assessments, which prove we have established a systematic approach to quality management, and are managing our business to ensure that customer needs are clearly understood, agreed and fulfilled.

Our management standards were developed as a way for our business to have greater controls over the quality of products produced while finding ways to continually improve in our business practices with regards to such areas as its customer focus, adequacy of its resources, employee competence, process management etc.

TPA Furniture has gained Quality Assurance accreditation to AS/NZS ISO 9002:1994 standard, we are a Quality Assured supplier to Queensland Government departments and agencies, certificate number 1686.

As a Quality Assured supplier, TPA Furniture’s customers should have the confidence and peace of mind that TPA Furniture can consistently provide goods and services that meet their needs and expectations and which comply with these standards.